Oil paintings

These paintings are examples and not for sale, go to “current exhibit” to see works that are on sale right now.


Gas station at Fox Point in Providence  34″ by 38″ without frame


07 Boats on Amazon

Boats on the Amazon at Manaus (Brazil) 30″ x 38 

37 Marco de Canavezes, Portugal, View from our terrace, oil 20″ x 22″
Ice on the Damariscotta River 42.5″ x 48″ without frame
São Paulo Oil on canvas 36″ x 42″
“Lisboa tram” oil 22”x26”
Oil painting 48”x 30” “ Muscungus Bay” oil #4
“Waiting” oil 30” x 30”#2
Vinalhaven, Oil on canvas 18×28″